Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Contract negotiation, for businesses and individuals, seems to become a growing field, perhaps for seniors

Tuesday, ABC World News, in its “real money” report, talked about reducing home telecommunications bills by negotiation and I thought it mentioned that there were companies that do the negotiating for you (though that costs).  I couldn’t find the company online (something like “Price Cutterz(s)”), but there is a real career for some people in becoming negotiators. For-profit universities are offering degrees in contract negotiation, and offer guidelines like this. Wise Geek has a page on the opportunities here

At the information technology procurement level, negotiation is a career field, as shown by the website of this company, here. I remember hearing about this all the way back in my Army days, when a civilian I worked with in the Tidewater Virginia military complex described how procurement was a full time career. 
But a lot of other jobs require some kind of negotiation.  Debt collection often involves it to get the debtor to make a reasonable payment.  Debt consolidation, and consumer counseling when legitimate, would require negotiation skills.   
It seems that more of the jobs particularly waived in front of senior employees nearing retirement age are likely to involve these kinds of skills, migrating in to being able to help specific clients or people with specific problems, which sometimes can be personal. And, perhaps not so desirably, assertiveness and the ability to persuade people to do one’s bidding becomes important, sometimes to people used to working in more abstract settings. 

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