Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Windows 8 Action Center starts misbehaving when daylight savings time ends

On Sunday morning, November 3, the Action Center on my Toshiba Satellite P875 started behaving differently.  Now, the Action Center keeps on displaying a yellow banner message saying it was interrupted and wants to be run.  Yet the log says it was run.  I have started it and let it run with the machine asleep for half an hour or so.  It might be trying to defrag the hard drive, which could take hours, but doesn’t seem necessary. 
The best reference I can find on Action center maintenance is here.  It appears that maintenance stops when the computer is in use.  Does it have to go to sleep (turn blank)?
The Sunday morning is significant because that’s when we shift to standard time, and the auto time for running was set at 3 AM.  Yet, I let it try to start art 3 AM Monday morning and it did not.

I see that I have taken up this subject July 5 and September 19.

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