Saturday, November 02, 2013

Is publishing a book like an IT implementation in the workplace, or like having a baby?

In the near future – I’m saying November 11, 2013 now, which is a “real day” for me – I expect to be formally submitting the complete manuscript for my “Do Ask Do Tell III” book (see Books blog, Oct. 1, 2011). 
I’m going through all my final editing and checklists;  I’ll have to make the final individual chapters absolutely consistent as to style and format, and remove all the comments and tracking;  then I have to concatenate them, correctly, into one.
I also have be absolutely sure of facts and of name changes in the comments in the book that refer to actual people.
All of this calls to mind what would happen before real “moves” or “promotions”, “elevations”, or “implementations” in the “real” workplace of the past.  I recall little rules, like for a move on Friday, elevations had to be “locked” into CA-Librarian or ChangeMan by Wednesday noon.  There was always a move meeting on Thursday morning.
Is publishing a book like a workplace implementation, or like having a baby?

What is a major elevation for employees at Facebook really like?
This will again be “déjà vu” for “moi”.  

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