Wednesday, November 06, 2013

IBM CICS systems programmers: they're still around. Are they a clique?

Well, now I’ve even seen an email job requisition for a CICS systems programmer, in Brooklyn NY.  In this case, the applicant has to be familiar with systems support of everything (COBOL, VSAM, Assembler, Adabas) and with IPC (interactive core process) system dumps.
That used to be a regular job twenty years ago.  In a mainframe shop, the systems programmers installed new releases of everything and installed fixes.  They had to do a lot of their work on nights and weekends.  The applications people, relatively speaking, lived normal lives.

Systems programmers would have binders of IBM manuals along the entire upper spaces of their cubicles. 

Once again, people who stayed in this niche have to build a whole public reputation around this expertise. 

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