Thursday, October 17, 2013

Windows 8.1 to be available Oct. 18; Toshiba requires considerable updating as a prerequisite

Today, I finally got around to visiting the “Toshiba Service Station” and apply four updates recommend or required for Windows 8.1.  The “required” update had to do with simultaneous operating system updates.  The recommended updates included one for “Eco”, one for the Desktop Assistant, and one for Function Keys, the last of which required a Restart.  When a Restart is required, the Service Station no longer will continue working until it is done, and the Restart may take longer than usual.
The whole process of downloads and updates took around forty minutes.
I think Toshiba could give better information on the progress of installs as they occur, rather than flashing the command prompt off and on.
I found a CNET review (by Shara Tibken) of Windows 8.1, which apparently adds the ability to keep the computer in “desktop” mode with the usual start bar and programs menu.  It may fix some annoying bugs (like the possibility of a freeze when an Action Center update won’t let go). 
Windows 8.1 is to be available on a DVD Oct. 18, 2013, story here. I doubt too many businesses will rush out to get it. 

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