Sunday, October 27, 2013

Windows 8 wireless connection starts dropping intermittently on Toshiba Satellite laptop

Here’s a bizarre problem.  On my Toshiba Satellite P875 I was working in Google, on Blogger.  I get a warning than I am already connected, and the warning drops.  I update a Movies blog posting.  I go to check it, and suddenly the connection drops.  And the Internet connection notification icon isn’t just overlain with an orange block, indicating sleep, it’s gone gray.

I can click on the icon and the WiFi says it is connected, but it isn’t.  The Toshiba WiFi light, on the lower fight, but orange, says it is on. Not in airplane mode.

I go downstairs.  An older Windows 7 computer is still connected to Xfinity on the router. I try the Hotspot on the Satellite.  I get the iPad icon all right, but it still says it can’t connect.  I reboot.  The bars immediately go gray.

I try right clicking.  Windows 8 diagnoses the connection, and doesn’t report a problem but simply turns it back on.  It went gray one more time about ten minutes later for a second, then stayed up solid.
What happened?  Action Center had just run, and then it ran again, which is a little unusual.  During the evening, Webroot warned me on one ad that the Tosbiba IE site tried to serve, but that sometimes happens.

One user reports having to rework everything from an Etherent connection here. You can read his notes at this link

Here’s another try at “ICNerd”, link 

This one looks interesting, too

The Toshiba manual implies that very strong radio signals might interfere with wireless reception. 

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