Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Major opening working with credit histories in LUA language reported

I got another strange job requisition email yesterday, from a company called Axelon, which said that this was not “corp to corp”, but a long term assignment in one of several modern cities, including Dallas and Charlotte. 
The interesting thing was that it looked for experience in handling credit reporting company data, particularly from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.   It also wanted LUA programming experience. LUA (site ) This seems to be a lightweight scripting language used in gaming. 

I written before here how I worked for Chilton in Dallas from 1981-1988 in the mainframe Datacomm DB/DC environment on the daily and monthly billing systems.  Chilton was sold to Borg-Warner in 1985, and in turn to TRW in 1988.  I came back to DC in the summer of 1988. TRW migrated all of Chilton’s business to LA by 1990, but then spun it off as Experian, which now has a major presence north of Dallas.  

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