Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Libertarian commentator says that spreading unemployment to government workers in shutdown is a kind of Maoist justice; Obamacare website technology questioned

Today, there was an “a-ha” moment on CNN.  A Cato Institute person said that federal workers have it easy compared to people with “real jobs” in real America, and maybe it was time for them to have a taste of hardship. That was a comment about “sob stories” and emotional empathy for people losing pay during their furloughs.  That’s over 800,000 federal workers and probably many contractors and subsidiary small businesses.  Maybe the federal workers will get back pay (they have in past shutdowns).  But they may have trouble with bills until then.

Another speaker paused and said something like "Really?"  It was if the libertarian Cato Institute had advocated a Maoist view that every person take turns experiencing misery and peasantry and lower class life, taking orders from others. 
These problems could get worse for many more people if we really do go over the debt limit in a few weeks and the federal government really does default.  Do people need a lesson about social interdependence (aka social capital)?
I wanted to make a note on “Likeonomics” (books blog, Dec. 19, 2012).  I do get requests to like things on Facebook (usually honored) or YouTube, and sometimes to endorse on LinkedIn.  I don’t used LinkedIn often and have trouble signing on and making it work, maybe because of lack of experience with it.  So be patient if you sent such a request to me.  I do find LinkedIn to be a useful way to contact some people. 
If I were in the business of hiring people, I would take “numbers” on social media sites with a grain of salt.  The same goes with review sites.
It seems there are questions on the web today about the technical skill of the people who set up the Obamacare “” site.  I wonder what mainframe transactions run underneath (maybe CICS).  I also wonder how sudden defunding or postponing of some requirements of the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” would affect IT contract jobs already in place or in the pipeline. 

If I did lose a job because of a government shutdown and got another one, I probably would never come back. 

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