Monday, October 07, 2013

I.T. workplace culture shows our hypercritical attitude of the moral mass of individual people

I want to recall an incident in the workplace back in 1997, because it sets up a discussion I will engage soon on my main blog.

There was a particular male mainframe programmer-analyst working on the Vantage applications.  I had interface with him without any particular problem.  But he did not enjoy a good reputation on the job.  One day, some people verbally referred to him as a “loser” when he walked in on the discussion an overheard them, soap opera style.

He was sent to another city on a project for a few days at a time, and I was on the same trips.  Once he was caught playing computer games on a work computer when he hadn’t completed a task because of a straightforward, JCL-related abend.  When he returned, he was fired.

The point of this little parable is to note the attitudes we have about people who don’t do as well.  I discussed this on my main blog on September 18, 2013 and will take it up again.

In my job at the “Combined A&B Medicare Consortium” (CABCO), from 1979-1981, there was a young analyst who had a low opinion of me in terms of basic “ability” and said so.  But no one else joined him.  On an MCC Dallas church retreat in the Texas prairie in 1979, there was still another person who made a similar comment to others while embracing me.  What a set up.  

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