Monday, September 09, 2013

Microsoft Excel 2013 hides the first row of a spreadsheet for no reason -- how to unhide

Here’s something weird.  I’m working on the spreadsheet that I use for keeping track of Blogger statistics, and the first row gets hidden for no reason.  The totals row works – a symptom.

It seems as though you have to go to Home, Cells, Format, and then select the entire spreadsheet and go to Unhide.  But I don’t know why this happened in the first place, unless it was mouse oversensitivity, interpreting an accidental Passover as a command.

Microsoft’s link is here
This happened in Windows 8 with Office 2013 Excel.
I recall that in the early days of home computing, in the late 1980’s, spreadsheets were a big deal.
In my last two years at ING-Reliastar, in a CSW support group, one of my tasks was to put together the incident spreadsheet (statistics on AHD problem sheets) every Monday morning.  I even recall someone’s finding a “bug” in my spreadsheet.

Picture: at least it's from Minnesota, up north in the summer, 2011. 

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