Monday, September 02, 2013

Common sense tips for the office: be careful with scribbles about Nightcall (as well as with Facebook)

Jack Wallen of Tech Republic has a list of “10 Things You Should Keep to Yourself at the Office”, link here.

Most of this should be common sense right now.  People have been fired for scribbling racist remarks on sticky pads and passing them around.  One time (in 2000) I wrote the fictitious url “” on someone’s cubicle white board to make light of the nighttime “on call” issue, and the person looked it up on a wok computer and found a porn (or at least escort service) site, and it didn’t get filtered out.

The most important advice is not to talk about your job, your company, or the people in it on social media (he makes an “exception” with Linked In). 

Again, the development of social media, with “friends” or “followers” lists and the opportunity to whitelist posts, has probably prevented what likely would have happened, the development of very strict blogging policies for people with direct reports.  There was a lot of talk about this around 2002.  But thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, it never went anywhere.   
Picture: a business "Write for you" (Washington DC).  I guess I could have set something like this.  But I like to write my own message.  Yet, they say, "Write what other people want."

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