Saturday, September 07, 2013

An explanation for Windows 7 freezeups on certain web sites?

My 2009  Windows 7 Dell XPS was worked on by Geek Squad but sometimes still freezes once each boot cycle the first time it goes to certain sites, which seem to be sites using Adobe Flash or certain other services.  Any site using Disqus does it.  The computer releases itself when the click pad or mouse is tapped repeatedly for about a minute.   

It appears that Windows 7 Update does not maintain certain drivers properly.  It seems that the hang happens when the application is looking for the proper driver for the rest of that session.  Here’s an explanation on an Adobe forum, link. This doesn’t seem to happen in Windows 8 (or on the Mac, of course). Since this can happen with facilities other than Adobe, this really does seem to be a Microsoft issue.  Time for fingerpointing.  Also, this would explain why Geek Squad couldn't find a specific problem. 

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