Sunday, August 11, 2013

Unusual company that I worked for has poster in DC Metro

In a Metro station in Washington DC, I saw a poster advertising the company ICF, and engineering company that bought a business I was working for in 1989.
I had come back to Washington DC from Texas in 1988 and gone to work for the “Consolidated Consulting Group” at 20th and M in Washington DC.  It was a subsidiary of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of VA and related to “The Computer Company” in Richmond, intending to earn profits by analysis of health care policy and producing reports for clients, largely from a “Policy Simulation Model” in COBOL, and coded-to-order SAS jobs.
In April 1989 the business was sold to Lewin, then a subsidiary of ICF, since then part of Quorum.  We worked on Vermont Ave in downtown DC, but sometimes went out to the ICF office towers near Fairfax Circle in northern VA. 
I’ve related before what it was like to work as a mainframe programmer for a small business.  At one point, before the sale, I practically saved the business when results were incorrect for one client because the federal government had not followed its own specs in the Federal Register.  Those were the days, my friend.  But they did end. 

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