Friday, August 16, 2013

Playing BluRay in Windows 8; Can tablets replace Kindles and Nooks?

This may be more a note for me in the future than anything else.  How do you play BluRay DVD's in Windows 8?  Extreme Tech has a writeup on the problem, here.  It looks like, since I got Windows 8 Basic, I have to upgrade to Pro ($70) and get a third party player like VLC Media Center or Cyberlink PowerDVD as well as the player itself.   It seems to take more doing than it did for Windows 7.

The link for the story (Dec. 2012) is here.

When I came back from a mountain day trip, and turned on my Windows 8 Toshiba Satellite laptop, I immediately got a message from Toshiba to upgrade the Toshiba Video Player.  I didn't right then, because it would take time, and it was late.  But that made me look into this.

It seems that most Windows 8 laptops are being sold as such, not just as tablets.

Here's another question.  Why has the bookselling world embraced the Kindle (or Nook sometimes) a s a specialized e-reader (for when you don't have an Internet connection) when downloading and saving files on an iPad tablet seems to be possible enough?  Here's a technical discussion.  Will e-book business go a different way given iPad and table capabilities?

Toshiba offers a book e-reader on Windows 8, and I presume this will become common with all manufactures.  I keep getting another advisory to upgrade the Book reader.  I know it will take my time.  Can I buy Kindle books from Amazon for it?  I'd have to check. 

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