Monday, August 05, 2013

LinkedIn helps employers find candidates who aren't yet looking, causing more competition for weaker candidates

Employers and recruiters are using Linked-In to look for potential talent who are not necessarily looking for jobs.  This creates even more competition for “weaker” candidates who are looking for new positions.  All of this was explained in a Sunday Washington Post story here.  

Furthermore, LinkedIn is offering recruiters products for looking for talent, as does Dice.  These products tend to be too pricey for very small recruiters and more affordable to larger agencies, as in the past.

I’ve wondered what happened to that staple headhunter of the 1980’s and 1990’s, Source EDP.

And I remember that once rumors about mergers circulated about an employer, it would be common (in these days before voice-mail was sophisticated) to find handwritten notes on your desk about mysterious callers.

LinkedIn tends to be a more effective way to contact someone whom you worked with years ago than Facebook.  In my experience, it has the best “response rate”. 

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