Sunday, August 18, 2013

In Windows 8, Office and Action Center special updates can become disruptive; question on Word and Blogger

This Sunday morning, as I was typing another blog posting in Word, Windows 8 suddenly flashed a little orange notification icon in the shape of a trapezoid, telling me that it had an Office update available.
Word also stopped working,  It would not save the last couple of sentences that I had typed.  I had to go ahead and let it run the update, which took around five minutes.

Why does Office update this way?  This is disruptive.  It is probably adding features I won't use.  Why can't it do this through the normal Windows update process (which usually results in a necessary restart and update configuration).

Also, once in a while, the Microsoft Action Center can hang the mouse or touchpad cursor while it updates, particularly if the machine was turned off at night (when it would have updated at 3 AM).  Since this is a laptop, it's normal for me to turn if off at night or when I leave home.

Here's another issue.  I write my longer blog posts in Word first and copy the post into Blogger.  The process works, but there is a lot of extra XSL coding from Word that complicates the posting if it needs to be fixed manually in HTML mode.  There is a Blogger plugin in Word.  I don't know if I need it or not, but I see it here.  Would this eliminate the problem of so much extra Word-associated HTML in the posts?

The blogs do load quickly on modern powerful laptops with high speed Internet, somewhat more slowly in Mobile (where it gets reformatted automatically for Mobile), and slowly in areas with slow Internet service (as as in rural areas with extensions on my iPad).

Update:  Aug 25

Today, the cursor froze, early this morning, after I had logged on.  Action Center had run. (Conputer had been off overnight).  Then today, while it was idol, it started again about 3:30, and when I tried to awaken the machine, I got a blue screen.   Hard reboot took a little longer than usual.

Action Center appears to run in-line malicious software removal or defender updates, and defragmentation.

This is the best I can find right now, link.

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