Saturday, July 13, 2013

Carbonite cloud backup tells me (on Windows 8) that my backup doesn't match its record

On my Toshiba Satellite laptop with Windows 8, I run Carbonite, which appears to back up every updated file once every 24 hours (if updated more than once in any one day).

It also backed up all of the operating system, taking time, even though I didn't ask it to.  I want only my own data.

I get  message on email about once every two weeks saying that the "backups don't match our records".  I don't know what that means, given that the backups appear correct.  It invites me to uninstall and reinstall.  Would that cause it to re-back up everything?  I don't have time for that.

Judging from other comments on the web, it seems like this problem has to do with Windows 8, and also appears on the Mac.  It has never happened on an older Windows 7 computer.

It may have to do with the fact that I turn the laptop off when it won't be used for a while, or when I am away.

Does anyone know?

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