Monday, June 03, 2013

So my Dice resume attracts invitations for distributorships

Why in the world do I get a “sales job” pitch on the Internet based on my Dice (inactive) resume?
The last thing I would want to do is give up my “independence” to pitch someone else’s wares or agenda.  Oh, welcome to the real world of families to support. 
As an “individual contributor” all those years in I.T, I didn’t have to worry about this?
The link on the email didn’t work – a coding problem, but it seems to be “Rtui Cart Advertising”, site here   (no rating from NYWOT or McAfee). 

When you look at the site, it seems to be about retail distributorships – people “own their own businesses” doing this.


After my layoff from ING at the end of 2001, while I was still in Minnesota, I heard a lot about this sort of thing.  There was even an “entrepreneurs fair” at a hotel on 494 in Bloomington MN (near the Mall of America) for this kind of thing.  Phone cards.  Prepaid visa debit cards.    Transportation cards  (which can be vulnerable to fraud).   Stuff poor people buy in convenience stores.  (I don’t know whether there are distributorships for lottery tickets, but it wouldn’t surprise me.)  

Update: June 6

Here we go. I get another email like this based on my "resume" from a retail food distributor.  Why m,e?  

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