Friday, May 17, 2013

When you work solo on your own business, you really depend on dependable customer service from vendors

There’s one immutable tautology about working on your own, solo.  You are on your own.  Yes, that’s a tautology.  But you’re very dependent on the professionalism of others.  You’re dependent on customer service from business.  And it’s easy to be derailed by the mistakes of others, or by accidents.
One problem occurs with continuous massive updates, often packaged with features I don’t even use.  They can disrupt getting work done. Last night, on another machine, a manufacturer-specific update from Toshiba upgrading how Intel works with a wireless interface took half an hour to install (including the restart, which took unusually long).  I had work to do and had not noticed any issues. 
When I was working in a large corporation as an “individual contributor”, business depended on me.  We were, oh, so careful with elevations (“moves”, or “promotes”) and particularly large implementations.  Any major inaccuracy – with systems that might process a million or so transactions a day – could have serious impact on the business.   Security, proving that certain things involving source integrity, couldn’t happen, became welcome. 
Now the roles are reversed. 

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