Thursday, May 09, 2013

Video transmission programming: does it belong on the web in javascript?

Ars Technica has an important article by Peter Bright on the usefulness of javascript “codecs” for encoding and decoding (for playback)) video streams, especially in business conferencing applications.

The technique fits in with Mozilla’s strategy as a browser, emphasizing keeping streaming back in web-based software rather than using phone operating system-specific apps. 

Another important concept is watermarking videos, which makes them easier to track later if they are pirated, even though it doesn’t directly implement DRM.  Watermarks could conceivably be useful in child-protection filters, too, should “COPA-like” concerns surface again in the future. 
The specific script is called ORBX.js, developed by a company called OTOY.
A preference for javascript as opposed to smarthone-specific apps could have an effect on the kinds of skills needed In the job market.
Wikipedia has a useful discussion of “Codec” here.

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