Monday, May 20, 2013

The Peter Principle, even as flurries of Linked-In endorsements blow around

Although I suspended my Dice resume as inactive while I focus on book publishing, music and filmmaking in retirement (and I am fortunate to have some resources), I still get inquiries for jobs, even far from what I did.

No, I can’t imagine myself being a “supervisor” of customer service associates for a retail department store.  For me to have any direct reports might actually create a “conflict of interest” with everything else I do.
And friends in Linked-In continue to certify or “endosrse” me in practically every IT skill known to man on this planet.   That includes some in which I no longer have hands-on production-ready skills (like java), after years of disuse.  I rarely have to code anything now except native HTML.  It seems that life kicked me upstairs, like it or not. Welcome to the Peter Principle.  

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