Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Recruiters do look at your Twitter profile (if you let them)

The trend for employers and recruiters to look at social media seems to increase all the time – double lives are a thing of the past, even for the CIA.
Tech Republic has an interesting piece by Tim Heard, “Your Twitter Account: A Recruiter’s Perspective”, here
The recommendations sound like common sense. Be wary of (1) excessive posts, all day long, (2) snarky language, which may work within your own followers but doesn’t on the outside, (3) attacking groups. I wonder if demonstration of mental telepathy is a good thing.  
Of course, you can make your account private, viewable only to followers. And you can refuse followers. I suppose not many people would refuse recruiters. Mine is public ("@JBoushka”), but in the last couple of years I’ve notice that more people make personal accounts “private”.
I wonder if recruiters pay attention to “who you follow”.  Some people say it isn’t good to follow too many more people than you have followers.  Not sure why that makes sense.   

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Tim Heard said...

Hey Bill. Tim H here. I can't speak for all recruiters, but I don't have a lot of time or inclination for checking out who people follow.
Also, in the grand scheme of things, the importance of one's Twitter account ranks pretty low compared to many other things.
Still, people in this day and time should use common sense about what they post to the public, whether on Twitter or elsewhere.
Thanks for the mention of the article!