Thursday, May 02, 2013

No, it's not OK to be "expected" to tattoo your employer's brand on your bod (Rapid Realty)

A company in New York City, Rapid Realty (link), is offering certain employees a 15% raise if they agree to have the company tattoo placed somewhere on their bodies.
The Los Angeles Times has a story (by Ricardo Lopez), which broke this morning on NBC Today and CNN, here. It’s obviously a sing of loyalty that is hard to remove.
Krosteen Quam has a similar story on the Time newsfeed here
But I would personally be offended by the idea of being expected to modify my body permanently for a job (as sensitive as I was about it as a boy).  I found the idea shocking.
Nevertheless, at least one condo in New York offers purchasers a free tattoo, story.
There’s something else here.  Besides the objection to changing my body (oh, actors do that, but I hope temporarily), there’s the idea of using your own persona (not just your social media or blog, but your own personal appearance, embedded into your body) to transmit someone else’s message. 

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