Wednesday, May 08, 2013

More job openings need mainframe DB2 -- because of Obamacare

Now, I’m seeing occasional jobs that stress just DB2 alone  The main emphasis is on writing stored procedures.  Presumably they want the modern IBM mainframe environment, but I’ve seen some positions that don’t seem to stress script programming on other platforms.

Why all this resurgence in mainframe skills in the past three months?  It has to come from Obamacare – the enormous changes that have to be in place by the beginning of 2014.  And it is beginning to look like the expertise bank in a lot of the old mainframe skills has taken a walk and moved on.  People now in their 60s.

Of course, all the younger people know MySQL or SQL Server, which is similar but not exactly the same. 
And the query technique is so critical to processing throughput in environments with huge processing loads, particularly when batched as at end-of-month.  Remember correlated subqueries?

Inevitably, more work will come from changes in Medicare reimbursement that are certain to follow any deal that breaks sequestration in Congress.

We may pass a sensible budget that convincingly addresses entitlement and further health insurance reform – and not have the old-fashioned skills to get them implemented. 

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