Thursday, May 23, 2013

Amazon to add 500 good IT jobs for web services, northern VA location; companies look at infrastructure resilience in choosing locations plans to add about 500 IT professionals to a new facility for web services in Northern Virginia, not far from Dulles Airport and the “267” Technology corridor near Tysons Corner and Reston in Fairfax County. 
Thomas Heath has the scoop on p. A2p of the Washington Post today, link here
 Facebook and Google both have facilities in the Raleigh-Durham area, if I recall right, and Apple has a major facility near Charlotte.  North Carolina (and to a large extent, Austin, Texas) have also become “silicon valleys”. 
One company, Verio, moved some operations from Florida to Loudoun County, VA  (probably Ashburn) a few years ago because the infrastructure was safer from storms – an idea that some companies look at now.
Why did I not get on this “bandwagon” after my 2001 “layoff”?  There are a lot of reasons, that interacted the way storms do.  For one thing, the dot-com bust had happened. Another big reason was that the kind of broadcast publishing that I was doing did not require a lot script programming skills.  I thought I was revolutionary, but I began to grasp ‘revolution” when I saw what Shawn Fanning had done in 1999.  Facebook wouldn’t appear for five years yet. 

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