Thursday, April 25, 2013

Windows 8: How to power off the "machine"

So, if you've got Windows 8, how do you turn off your machine, completely?  Let’s assume you use it for business, as a regular desktop or laptop.  (Maybe insurance agents could get away with just the tablet.)
Here’s one way to configure the power button to shut off the machine, when it is plugged in (instead of sleep). The  piece by Jim Martin is (website url) here.

It involves setting the Power Options on the Control Panel.
Microsoft tells you how to do this with the Charm Bar here.
Why didn’t Microsoft just put down the same Shutdown link it had on earlier releases?  It seems silly, but it seemed to want to design the Start screen as if it were tablets only. 

Today, on one occasion, it took a long time for the light under the power button to shut off (method 1, above).  The button was inactive until it shut off.  Them when I started it again, it took longer than usual to come up (it's usually very fast -- this is a new Toshiba Satellite).  I couldn't see any auto updates from Microsoft today in history.  So I don't know what happened.

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