Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Some people need laptop capabilities on iPads or Windows 8 tablets

I’ve had to build myself a reference list of links on how to use Windows 8 on a laptop or desktop rather than as a tablet, as in this ComputerWorld entry by Sharon Machlis, link
I’ve tried to go into my blogs on Blogger on the iPad, but without success.  But I haven’t tried any of the apps that are supposed to make it possible.  There is an article by Darnell Clayton, “How to Blog from an iPad if you must, on BloggingPro, here.  He recommends an app called BlogPress for $2.99, which is said to work with both Blogger and WordPress.
Uzair Ghani discusses a new app from WordPress for the iPad on Redmond Pie here, although earlier there had been controversy as to whether Wordpress would even develop one.
Another Mac forum says that the “HTML tab” will enable Blogger, link (website url) here. 
I haven’t tried these things yet.  I have always traveled with a small Windows 7 laptop as well as an iPad for a hotspot.  But I have to make travel easier and quicker.      

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