Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Pre-employment background checks become even more common

Today AOL offered a career builder article on pre-employment background checks, which are becoming more common for many jobs,by Beth Braccio Hering,  link here

One of the interesting points is that applicants might be expected to have saved pay stubs from previous jobs to verify employment in salary.  I haven’t heard that one before.

Review of driving record is becoming more common.  And credit checks can be foiled by undetected identity theft, which is sometimes difficult to fix.
I didn’t notice any mention of a “social media” background check, to see if the person uses good judgment online or if his or her postings could disturb or drive away clients, or predict future disloyal behavior – but that would make sense. A large percentage of employers check social media under the table.

At the end of 1989, I had to do a drug screening to get a programming job (having just walked through a building downtown with secondhand grass smoke) but the company soon dropped the requirement.

Update: April 3

The New York Times reports that major retailers use their own database to keep former employers accused of theft "blacklisted", even if no criminal charges resulted.  The story by Stefanie Clifford and Jessie Silver-Greenberg is here. It's easy to imagine this with computer hacking.  

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