Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Gild" can help customers find programmers to hire based on all their web activity

There is a company now that helps employers with specific needs search the talent pool by analyzing what people do on the Web, particularly people who code apps and games.  It can aggregate what someone has done and even looked at factors like whether the person’s code gets reused by others.
The company is “Gild”, link here
The detailed front page New York Times story today is “How big data is playing recruiter for specialized workers,” link here
The search could be useful for customers who need to put together very specific sets of skills, as to produce a particular film.  It would be interesting to know how technically savvy music composers are in coding, particularly in Mac versions of music software. 
To wind up in Gild’s “radar” it certain sounds as though you need to be curious and like to tinker.  (A good example that comes to mind might be the iPhone unlock, on my “network neutrality” blog, Aug. 26, 2007).  

I guess this story puts a positive spin on "online reputation".  

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