Saturday, March 02, 2013

A 2004 interview at an airline, with an interesting result

I saw a sticker on a contractor’s car for “Independence Air” the other day. 
This was a budget airline that ran out of Dulles Airport.
In March 2004, I actually went to a “job fair” at Dulles for a job (“interim job”) as a gate agent.  It would have paid $9.50 an hour, and would have been a uniformed job (time spent dressing wasn’t paid). 
I remember having to make a verbal presentation.  I described how I had “saved” a small consulting company (to become Lewin later) in 1989 one day by solving a particular problem.
I didn’t get "selected" (thankfully).  Nor was I selected for Hollywood Video.  I would soon become a substitute teacher (at age 60). 
But I did get to make two round trips (to Atlanta, and later to Tampa) for only the price of a ticket tax.  So I guess just going to the interview paid off.  Practically free air travel for a year.  Maybe my speech on how to save a company made an impression. 
I think this company was eventually absorbed by AirTran.  

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