Monday, February 25, 2013

Yahoo! CEO puts the brake on telecommuting by associates

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Meyer has ruffled some sails or feathers by deciding that employees must, starting in June must stop telecommuting and come in to the office all the time, apparently.
The Huffington Post has the story, along with reports of university economics studies showing that telecommuting tends to improve productivity, link here.

USA Today has a similar story here

When I worked for ING-ReliaStar (through 2001), some people telecommuting one day a week/  One particular former Vantage consultant worked from home four days a week.  In my own experience, people tended to be very successful in resolving technical problems (as with production) from home. Collaboration and “creativity” could be another matter.  How do Facebook and Google stand on this with their employees?

When I lived and worked in Minneapolis for ING, I lived just 1000 feet away on the Skyway, in the Churchill apartments.
People were solving production problems on Nightcall from home in the early 1990s with take home dialup terminals, or with Procomm.  

Picture (mine, today): I think that looks like the former Newsweek building.  Te decline of print media might be hurting the Big Apple particularly. 

Update: Feb. 27

Curiously, today in Arlington VA I saw a sign at the National Science Foundation building offering employees a symposium in telecommuting!  Didn't have the little camera with me.

Update, Feb. 28: Got the picture:

A reshoot turned out better:

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