Wednesday, February 13, 2013

North Carolina unemployment benefit cuts would cut workers off from extended federal benefits

The North Carolina legislature has moved to reduce the maximum monthly unemployment benefit and to reduce the maximum number of weeks to 20, which means that North Carolina workers, after layoff, can never get extended federal benefits (as approved with the Fiscal Cliff bill on Jan. 1).

The state unemployment fund is in deep debt, and is taking the measure to relieve the debt.
Curiously, some lawmakers complain that workers won’t take (menial) jobs when there is a benefit of over $500 a week maximum.

Michael A. Feltcher has the story in the "Economy and Business" section of The Washington Post Wednesday, February 13, 2013, here.  

North Carolina has been considered a great state for tech, with the “Research Triangle” around Raleigh-Durham (I recall Cary as the home of SAS).  But bank consolidations around Charlotte have reduced many jobs, particularly after the financial crisis of 2008.  “Nations Bank” and Wachovia no longer exist as such.  
I believe that Census has moved its regional office from Charlotte to Philadelphia now.  

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