Wednesday, February 06, 2013

"Navigators" will be hired by health insurance exchanges; but what will these "jobs" be really like?

The Health Insurance Exchanges to be set up by 2014 will require the hiring of a lot of “navigators”, counselors who will help consumers find appropriate coverage.  All this is covered in a Washington Post story Feb. 4 by N. C. Alzenman, link here.

It’s unclear how much they will be paid, of whether they would include “volunteers”. 

Furthermore, it appears that they would have to be bonded and would face serious constraints on giving “legal advice” and on stomping on the turf of insurance agents.
Yet, the supposed jobs are being described in a cloak of do-goodism. 
How many people will go to work in such scenarios?  Will the jobs appeal to retirees?  To recent college graduates?  How bureaucratic will the jobs become? 

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