Monday, January 28, 2013

Retire, and face "real life" in the "proletariat" job market

Just a note tonight about how things change when you “retire”.

When you work for a big corporation in an IT department, as I did for so many years, the workplace becomes your “universe”, even when you have an outside productive life as I started in the 1990s as an author and blogger.  The controversies that occur in a workplace are often specific to the technical environment, or to the manner of ownership (especially after mergers), but they seem to “rule the world”.  (Like Vantage in the life insurance legacy software business!)
Once you “retire”, you find out how the rest of the world lives.  You find out that many people you depend on do things you couldn’t do (maybe overseas).  You get exposed to “real life” issues ranging from uniforms, personal contact, sales culture, regimentation, time clocks, commuter traffic, personality tests, graveyard shifts, and even issues like OPC (other people’s children),  Oh, yes, how about cold calling and door-to-door, things you thought were beneath the people who were smart enough.  And, now, maybe much more sensitive social media policies (although the NRLB has recently weighed in on that).  

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