Tuesday, January 08, 2013

LinkedIn endorsement for "old" mainframe skills, not used in a thousand years (Like in "Twilight")

I got my first “endorsement” on Linked in today from someone, actually in a personal circuit. I was endorsed for Database, Unix, Syncsort, DB2, Xpediter, Java, JCL, Mainframe, CICS, MVS, and COBOL. 

It having been "eleventy" years since my "retirement", I'm "light on the loafers" on all of these. 
I really haven’t used LinkedIn much myself, although I get a lot of requests.  I’ve moved away from the old fashioned IT world to the “journalism world”.

Meanwhile (as HG Wells said), we can debate stoics and epicureans. 
There was a time, back into the 1970s, that my goal had been to “get IBM” so I could remain emplpyed easily in “The City”. 

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