Thursday, December 20, 2012

The essay job interview (it's not like "The Apprentice")

I recall a strange interview in April 1989 at Tysons Corner VA with a company named Legent.  The job would have involved telephone support of clients for the company’s mainframe clients.

During the course of the interview, I was asked to write an self-assessment essay, long-hand, cursive.  I’ve never had to do that for an interview at any other time.

I had to get into the fact that I had spent about six years (at the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Consortium “CABCO” and then at Chilton) before I “implemented” anything. I also had some kind of question about the integrity of my goals in taking a job.  I also had to address my apparent disinterest in "advancement" into "management" in conventional thinking.  That can connect up to discussions on moral issues (how we use personal freedom) that I am exploring on my main blog.

Actually, now that I think about it, I do recall one other written essay portion on an interview, three short paragraphs when I interviewed to become a substitute teacher in Arlington VA in 2004.

And, for my first job in 1970 in “Operations Research” at RCA in Princeton, I had to give a technical talk on my Master’s Thesis.  Times have changed. 

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