Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More employers pressure associates to join corporate wellness programs

I get an unsolicited subscription to "Business Insurance" at my "business" address (a UPS store in Ballston), and the Dec. 10-17 2012 issue is dedicated to "Investing in Wellness" by employers (link).

When I worked for ING (through the end of 2001), we got a small bonus for having an "annual physical".  I remember undergoing this physical in Minneapolis on Dec, 7, 2011, just six days before learning of the layoff (the 11th anniversary of it is tomorrow, on the same day of the week).  I remember soaking in the warm (enclosed) "rooftop" pool at the Churchill Apartments, overlooking downtown Minneapolis, in order to be "relaxed" for the physical, but I still had hypertension.   I had my first EKG since 1998 (only then for the accident breaking my hip).

I wonder if this practice could get intrusive.  Associates would spend more time in company-sponsored activities than in facilities that they choose on their own (like LA Fitness, formerly Bally's -- and I need to make another visit soon).  Associates might be expected to undergo monitoring that could become physically intrusive (like stress tests or even Holter).

That takes me to my next sci-fi scenario -- being monitored opens you to telepathy, and selection.  But that's a topic for another day!

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