Tuesday, November 06, 2012

No, I don't have time for constant software updates, or for robocalls

I get prompted all the time to install new software.  Recently, I’ve gotten reminded to update Sibelius  (music composition software) and even replace my entire OS on my MacIntosh.  Recently, my iPad and Droid Motorola smart phone replaced operating systems, and I’m getting prompted to replace the iPad system again.

Coming from a strict business mainframe world, I’m very reluctant to make “moves” without very careful regressive testing, and because I depend on my connectivity for business in a non-contractual environment, I’m very conservative about taking “risks” that could jeopardize my own stability.

That could mean that I don’t “learn” as much.  One time, as I’ve noted, back in 1999, a coworker noted that I had demonstrated an “amazing lack of curiosity” when I wouldn’t download stuff on work computers.

But it is a bit annoying to be interrupted constantly for updates, some of which could take time and be “risky”.
And sometimes, I am very finicky about disruptions.  Unnecessary phone calls and sales pitches.  No, I can’t help somebody make their quota today, or somebody’s share price next week.  Maybe I don’t have the skills for that.  I’d like to think I’m the kind of person who would figure out what we really need to do to sustain ourselves.

I also have to say, that right now, giving of my time can involve real sacrifice. 

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