Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Microsoft Windows 8 stiffs consumers over Start Menu; I get signed up by Google+ "automatically"

Microsoft has created a flap by not including the Start Menu in its new Tablet-oriented Windows 8.  Users can get an app, Stardock, for $5, to get it back.  And it looks like Microsoft executive Steven Sinofsky will be defrocked as a result.  The USA Today story Wednesday November 14, 2012 was widely circulated (as here, by the Tucson Citizen).

The Stardocklink is here

I suspect most laptops will be sold with Stardock installed.

But the move by Microsoft seems a bit bloated.  Most Microsoft PC owners (including me) have considerable need to conduct business transactions and often to author and publish (and not just to social network lists) volumes of text.  You need all the old-fashioned interfaces to do this easily.

On another matter, YouTube yesterday coaxed me into using my real name (my Facebook name) on my videos.  I approved the change, and found that Google instantly signed me up for Google+.  I immediately got some notifications and friending requests.  How will I keep up with my regular sites. Blogger, Wordpress, Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+?  At least I stream my Twitter into Facebook so more people see it (that’s what I want in my circumstances – nothing real “personal” in the teeny-bopper sense gets posted anyway), and get some comments and “likes” that way.  Myspace I’ve lost track of, as well as my skill with MySQL.  Given what is on my plate, that  (the SQL stuff) has to change soon.

By the way, it looks like Facebook shares jumped this morning, even as employees are finally allowed to sell; maybe they didn't need to.   I actually met Mark Z. "accidentally" in 2011 for a moment.  It's not that hard to run into celebrities (including baseball players, it seems, especially when you visit your local medical center on your own business for orthopedic issues -- it is the off season, after all.)

By the way, does Microsoft remember that "Surface" was the name of am NBC sci-fi series about a secret underwater life form back om 2005?  Does the tablet foreshadow a purification from nature? 

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