Monday, October 01, 2012

Notes on iPad, MacBook operating system upgrade prompts

Last week, my “new iPad” invited me to load the newest operating system, IOS6.  I did so – it took about twenty minutes. 

The iPad behaved differently afterward.  After I powered up, the “slide to unlock” icon would not work until I let it go to sleep at least once.  The Verizon hotspot also worked different.  When before it had to go to sleep once to activate, this time it does not.  The “Wi-Fi” option can say “not connected”, but it “personal hostpot” is on, then other wireless-enabled computers find it (can take up to a minute).  The “iPad” connection on a Windows 7 machine does not continue to assign new numbers and ask you each time to classify your connection (“public” is generally recommended, for security; otherwise it will try to copy all of your previous settings.)

When I try the iPad on an older laptop that does not have a recent iPad connection, it first says "cannot connect", and then Windows 7 troubleshooting finds no problem.  On a second try, it does come up with the screen requesting connection type and assigns a number.  But, apparently, with hotspot iPad running IOS6, it will not ask again on subsequent connects to the iPad.  

My MacBook, which is on Mac OS X 10.6.8, early 2011, is too old to support Cloud processing.  I get prompted to update Sibelius, also.  But that would take quite a commitment of time (I am told by Apple that it takes about two hours to install OS X 10.8, "Mountain Lion") and run the risk of making work I have done unreachable if anything goes wrong.

I think back to my days in the workplace, where companies had whole departments, called “systems programming”, to keep up with releases of everything.  Internal employees had to be trained thoroughly (usually with out of town travel) by vendors on how to manage releases. 

An individual working alone does not have that luxury, and has to keep his operating environment up and stable anyway.  So I am very careful about putting in new releases of anything. 

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