Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How much does a Windows 8 Surface do "on the road"?

Katherine A. Boehret  has a “digital solution” article in “Personal Journal” in the Oct. 17 Wall Street Journal in which she discusses the opportunities possible with Microsoft’s new Windows 8, available Oct. 26.
She describes several ways in which the traditional laptop or notebook is bybridized with the “Surface”, to create a machine that can operate by touch for quick operation, and by keyboard (on larger models) for more conventional business use. The online link is here

She also says that some versions of the Surface come only with WiFi possible, without the possibility of cellular wireless (possible on some iPads and most laptops) or conventional direct cable (which a few motels still have – like the Holiday Inn in Chelsea in NYC, from my recollection of 2011).

It’s also unclear if some versions of Surface can work in all applications.  For example, on the iPad, Blogger does not work fully.  It would be a good question whether it works on “Surface”.

In general, it has been difficult for tech support in various manufactures and operating system providers and various specialized applications (like music composing) to guarantee that all apps work in all environments, as it is difficult to determine in advance how a particular environment is to be supported.  Upgrades of operating systems sometimes cause problems, and the whole industry needs a better handle on upward compatibility of everything.

I recall that when going from Windows Vista to Windows 7, some Dell  ink-jet printers no longer worked and had to be replaced. 

It would be great if a small Windows 8 computer is set up so that absolutely everything works when traveling and dealing with the TSA.

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