Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Reviewing your life, and your old career

As I noted already on my issues blog, I revisited one of my old haunts in northern New Jersey yesterday.
In September 1972, I left the Navy Department (NAVCOSSACT) and went to work for Univac, the Montclair NJ branch, supporting processors (Fortran, Cobol) in the 1100 series.  After a management change, the new powers decided that I didn’t have a “marketing profile” (I wasn’t manipulative enough in personality) and should consider a transfer.

I actually liked the life I had, living close-in (in northern New Jersey), but I did some interviews, including one with a defense branch way out on Long Island (I remember the drive in the fall of 1973).  Bell Laboratories then gave Sperry Univac enough business to justify a whole separate branch in Piscataway NJ (near New Brunswick), and that operation gave the choice of three jobs.  I chose “site support".

But I had to either commute or move myself.  I wound up living in an apartment  near the Raritan River than would have been flooded had I lived there long enough.  As it was, I eventually took a new job with NBC in New York City in August 1974 – ironically while working temporarily at AT&T in Mount Kisco NY, which I also passed through yesterday.

Yesterday, I did stumble upon the high rise building in which I had worked in early 1974, although I would send eleven weeks in St Paul MN (Eagan) on an 1110 benchmark for Bell Labs.

It’s good to review your life, isn’t it. But I do find it hard to remember exactly how we did a lot of things.  More on that soon. 

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