Sunday, August 26, 2012

Announcement: My situation in market; Dice change

I have changed the status on my Dice profile to "not looking for a change".  That means that since I am "retired" and am effectively self-employed as a writer-blogger-media-producer, I cannot consider "conventional" information technology positions or contracts at this time.

I also will not try to renew Brainbench (or ICCP) certifications, which generally last three years.  They simply are too time-consuming and not relevant to what I do now.

In practice, I haven't actually had a "conventional" IT job since my "buyout" (and layoff, at age 58) at the end of 2001, although there were two "close calls" in 2002.

I will continue to write about the market and share historical perspectives on the IT workplace.

I'll be more focused soon on my novel and screenplay manuscripts and on getting them into "agency".

That will keep me busy, but I have to avoid conflicts.

I still get a lot of irrelevant contractor inquiries about jobs in which I have not kept up "job-ready" skills (like Powerbuilder, even).

The toy video above should "entertain" -- just a few seconds (rated G, don't worry!) 

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