Monday, July 02, 2012

Contractors need to prepare clients for downtime; could "technical executors" be required in the future

Tech Republic has a useful article by Chip Camden for IT consultants, “Preparing for the day you don’t come back”. 

Self-employed people have to prepare their clients for downtime, such as when they might need medical attention, or for outages caused by infrastructure or storm problems (particularly relevant now).

It seems to me that this is also true for people who run major websites, networks and even blogs.  If they are offline for any reason (even something rare and unpredictable like jury duty sequestration, or perhaps overseas travel to primitive or autocratic countries, they might not be able to respond to problems, which could cause issues for service providers. 

Camden recommends that everyone appoint a “technical executor” in a power of attorney.  The situation could develop in the future that service providers might even require one as part of a TOS agreement, an idea I had never considered.  (There is a clause like that in my will.)

Actually, a quick Internet search shows that right now ISP's and social networks often have been unwilling to give executors access to accounts, but I expect that to change in the future -- disability or travel can be an issue as well as death.  I'll cover this soon in my main blog. 

The link is here.

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