Thursday, June 21, 2012

Windows Update Agent: a surprise present for Windows 7 users?

Tonight, when I rebooted my Windows Professional Dell XPS after returning home,  the system, despite not having told me of any updates, applied registry updates and then reconfigured updates (quickly, at 35% and 100%) while coming back up.

The only update applied today was “Windows Update Agent” which Microsoft explains here

Perhaps this happened because I am the only user with full administrator privileges. But I don’t understand it’s not telling me when I signed off earlier today and reconfiguring on shut down.

I’ve noticed on three different windows machines (two travel netbooks and today, on my main Dell XPS Windows 7 Professional 2009 laptop (converted from Windows Vista, which I really don’t recommend), that after updates, the boot process now displays the registry updates on the “black screen” before reconfiguration and startup.  Is this a recent change to Windows 7?  I have SP1 on all machines but have had them a long time. 

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