Saturday, June 23, 2012

A weird adventure with Windows 7 and Carbonite

An odd thing happened last night on the way to the forum (that is, the movies, “for the end of the world”).  I saved a Microsoft Word 2010 note I had written to myself with word in a directory, I thought, that I put my blogger posts in before I post.

The next time I went to that directory (after the end of the world, about three hours later), all the items in the directory had disappeared.  The directory had not been deleted.  It seemed to have been erased (as in the old MS-DOS “ers” command).  On Carbonite, all of it had disappeared, too, as if the folder had been backed up empty.

I checked online to see how to go to older backups on Carbonite, and found this.    The concept reminds me of “incremental backups” in mainframe shops (often with “gvexport”).   The article compares Carbonite to Dropbox.  In the past, I’ve used Webroot’s backup, which just ran once a week and was a bit clumsy.

I found them  (a few hundred Word files, all small) on yesterday’s backup file, but with another folder name “cox” interposed.  I don’t know how this happened.  (Carbonite keeps files for three months.)  Maybe saving in Word without giving a name (just letting Word use the first sentence) did it.  “Cox” is the name of a competitor of Comcast as an ISP, and I think I’ve mentioned Cox recently in a blog, but I don’t think it was yesterday. No other directories on my hard drive seemed to be affected. 

I do know that with a (2009 Dell XPS) laptop converted from Windows Vista to Windows 7 Professional, there have been problems with the touchpad interpreting too much finger pressure as a Windows command, and deleting or moving material.  I could give in and get a wireless keyboard and mouse.  The Webroot  SecureAnywhere scan came up clean.

Here’s the review (from Jim Karpen) link

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