Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Some new resume tips: use QR codes, but don't use Word headers

Whereas there is a plethora of web pages giving resume advice, this latest article in Tech Republic, "10 mistakes to avoid", mentioned two original tips.

One of them is, don't put your name in a Word header or footer.  It might not get picked up my the scanning machines.  That is, put it in the "body".

The other tip is to add a Quick-Response code (or QR code), leading the employer with a smart phone to look at a carefully crafted, mobile-device ready professional web page.  It should be a real page, but your Facebook and social media presence should match it.  Unlike the world of ten years ago, it's no longer possible to lead a double life on the Web.  Mark Zuckerberg singlehandedly put an end to that.

The other big piece of advice is for brevity -- not so much an issue when I was in the market with "outplacement" in 2002.

The Tech Republic link is here

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