Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Local 7-11 store has an odyssey with I.T. and cash register support

Here’s bizarre I.T. support tall tale.  Yesterday, I went to a local 7-11 (Westover, in Arlington VA) and bought some stuff, and found the employees writing down all the purchases on a sheet of paper and making “cash only” change from a box.  Today, the cash registers were still down, but at least the staff had 80s-style adding machines. They said it was a “software problem” and that it had crashed 2 AM Tuesday.  It had been down for over 30 hours.

I drove over to the nearest other 7-11, on Lee Highway, and found everything running normally. I bought a Discover Magazine (not to read about prions, as in 1983), so I guess this little escapade was good for the neighboring store’s business.  There can be competition among stores because most of them are individually owned franchises.  No, franchise ownership is not for me.

How can a “software” problem go on for so long?  I remember my mainframe days, dreading the possibility of reruns.  One time, in the 1980s, we did have to rerun daily billing for three days in a row. 

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