Sunday, June 24, 2012

American salaried workers don't take all their vacation; they're afraid their jobs will disappear

Mother Nature Network has an interesting article (from Business News Daily) on how American workers (especially salaried) don’t take all their vacation because they’re afraid of looking expendable.  And in the US paid vacations are much less generous than in Europe -- one of the reasons for a European crisis. 

In information technology, I can remember a fear that a system I was responsible for could break down while I was away.  On one occasion, in 1976, I returned early from a West Coast Vacation (but saw “The Tall Ships” instead).  I should not have scheduled a vacation over end-of-month or an accounting closing.

Modern systems of test and production elevation control (like CA-Librarian, Endeavor, ChangeMan), security, and scheduling (like JobTrac) made this risk later in my career. 

Another risk can exist with archiving (disaster recovery and data warehousing) systems – not testing whether they are really usable.

I have heard some horror stories, back to the early 1990s, of jobs disappearing over vacation. 

The link is here.

Picture: Washington DC Metro weekend track work on the Red Line.  Some people have to make a living on graveyard shifts.  

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