Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Piers Morgan weighed in angrily tonight on employers' asking for social media passwords

Piers Morgan weighed in angrily tonight on the practice of a few employers asking for applicant’s (or maybe even employee’s) Facebook and other social media passwords (bypassing privacy controls and Facebook TOS agreements), link here. “Only in America” the articulate Brit said, can this happen.

Until about 1971, H Ross Perot’s Electronic Data Systems (EDS) actually conducted surprise interviews of candidates by showing up at their homes or apartments.  One person whom I worked with at Bradford National Corporation  on New York State MMIS in 1977 (the man who interviewed me for the job that I got) later said that when EDS showed up at his house, his wife was very incompletely dressed.  

I can say that IT agencies that send consultants to client sites could be worried that Facebook or other social or self-published online media could drive away client business, even relatively "private" material on social media accounts or listservers.  

Picture: A post St. Patrick's Day "Irish" parade assembles near Fort Hamilton. Brooklyn NY, not exactly controversial with employers.  

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